Jannelle's Blog

Monday 5th February  2018 

Our first day at preschool!  We have spent the day getting to know a little bit about each other.

 We have also  made many interesting  discoveries all around the preschool,including  finding "aliens!" .Luckily one of our children from last year knew they were cicada shells! Phew!

Of course our pets "Spot Butterfly" and" Rockstar" were very popular. They had lots of hugs! 

Henny our black and orange hen  had a hug too, just before she escaped from our clutches!  Our hens are a little dirty so we thought they may like to have a bath. We are planning to do this tomorrow. Hope they like a bath! May be a good idea to bring some spare clothes!

Unfortunately they werent laying  any eggs today;maybe tomorrow. 

 See you all Tuesday morning. 

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